The Cruel Reality of Trapping, Netting and Lethal Harvesting Print
Written by Teresa Ferguson   

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), an Illinois-based non-profit founded in 1993, posted a video that demonstrates the violence and cruelty of rocket netting, as well as the importance of using undercover cameras to expose such cruelty.

Background: In 1992, the DuPage County Forest Preserve District began a lethal deer removal program. The two methods used to kill the deer were sharpshooting, and the use of rocket-nets combined with a captive bolt guns.

While SHARK is opposed to any killing, recommending the deer either be left alone or if need be controlled with a contraceptive program, they were most vocally opposed to the rocket-net/captive bolt method, for reasons that will become obvious in the video referenced below. After years of fruitless discussions, the rocket-net/captive bolt slaughter ended abruptly the day the video footage was released. The video images and audio of panicking, crying deer simply left no room for doubt about the cruelty involved.

Click to watch video, but BE WARNED, the content is graphic and violent.

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